The 3 different plots for novels with OCD

Hi! This is just a reminder that although I’m a psychiatrist, this blog is intended to help an author respectfully create a realistic a character with OCD. This is not to diagnose or provide actual advice for actual people with actual OCD. If you are in need of help or find the blog triggering please contact the Crisis Text Line for more support: Text HOME to 741741. Please stay safe.

So, you’ve done the heavy lifting required to write a book with a character with OCD.

You’ve researched the disorder. You know about obsessions and compulsions. You’ve studied the treatment. Hopefully you’ve chatted to a bunch of folks with OCD. You’re committed to writing a moving, poignant, brilliant novel that treats OCD in a respectful way…now, how to go about doing that?

You’ve come to the right place! Let’s dive right in.

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