What does Cordemente mean?

Cordemente is a made up Latin word. In Latin, Cor means heart and Mente means mind.

Who are Cordemente?

In Cordemente: The Secret of the Guardians, Cordemente are a secret society of people that can turn into mythological beasts. That’s right…dragons, sphinxes, centaurs! Everything that makes my heart thump!

Why Heart and Mind?

Cordemente find the balance between their logical mente selves and passionate beast selves. In real life people, struggle with finding the right balance all the time. Some people think too much (Mente) and are paralyzed by fear or worry. Some people are too impulsive (Cor). They are tempted to drive too fast or eat too much chocolate cake (guilty!)

In Cordemente: The Secret of the Guardians, Rox is all about the Cor and a little light on the Mente…

On the verge of facing a lifetime of detention, fun-loving Roxie learns she can turn into a dragon and sets off to attend a new school for mythological beasts; but when she discovers she’s the key to a prophecy and the only one who can stop the evil guardians from kidnapping magical kids, she has to stay out of trouble long enough to save them all.