Girls Matter

Girls matter but you wouldn’t know it from most children’s books. For every girl in a children’s book there are two boys. Boy characters speak more–even when the main character is a girl!

Girls are represented by cute little creatures like kittens, bunnies, and chicks. Boys get the powerful beasts such as tigers, lions, and dragons.

Children’s books need to change. Girls are powerful–and it’s time to show it.

What’s the Bechdel Test?

Is there a scene in a book or movie where two girls talk to each other about something other than boys? If so, then it passes the Bechdel test. Sadly, 50% of films are a hard fail.

Even when a book or movie passes the test, the girl convo is often about marriage or babies. In real life, women talk about marriage and babies, but they also talk about science, parkour, physics, politics, philosophy…and taking over the world.

Check out this website for a list of children’s books that passed the Bechdel test. My favorite? Charlotte’s Web